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Ethical fashion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethical fashion - Essay ExampleConsumers have certain expectations about particular product or service offerings (De la Merced, 2011). In line with this, their main concern is to acquire a product or service offering which is in line with their expectation in order to satisfy their needs. Consumers therefore focus on what they can get. This is a self-centered approach because they believe they always have the right to demand for the best. In reality, they do not care so much how the product was produced for as long as they will ultimately receive one with best quality at a reasonable cost and substantially good quality. In fact, this is further illustrated how the modern marketing approach continues to give high priority on creating certain value for customers. The modern marketing techniques ensure how to create needs for customers. In line with this, modern marketers are after of how they could specifically create a need for their product or service offerings especially in the fashion industry (Young, 2011; Oliver, 2011). As a result, customers end up with various choices and options. They could even essentially look out for the best, but one thing for sure is clear about this, they could also demand for what is best for them. The market has become customer-centered, as customers become highly sophisticated in understanding their rights, which definitely leaves a highly competitive market with various key players trying to win as many customers as possible. This gives the opportunity for customers to have high expectations on certain products. However, the point of understanding how and who created the product would seldom come to mind. Customers care most about the kind of service given to them which particularly involves the cost (Wilson, 2011). As a result, it is not an integral part of their expectations to understand the entire process of how the product or service offering was formed, but on how much value they could get in return of the monetary value they


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